Tuesday, January 15, 2013


There may have been virtually no races in the area, but this past weekend was far from quiet. With the Ravens epic win in Denver on Saturday, most in Baltimore were preoccupied with, oh, ripping mirrors off of cars.

But way, way down, at the southernmost point of the United States, in the tiny hamlet of Key West, Alyssa Godesky REVved up her triathlon season with an early half ironman. The setting may have looked like a Corona commercial, but the conditions were far from hospitable for northerners racing long in January. A rough ocean swim followed by flat, windy, and hot roads on the bike and run made for a tough day for all competitors. Alyssa had a strong swim and terrific bike, and stomped the run to finish 2nd overall behind professional Terra Castro. Her time of 5:01:31 would have been a PR until last season, which is a great sign for races to come.

From an sleepy town to the city that never sleeps, Kevin McGrath ran the NYC Runs Central Park 10 Miler. Unlike NYRR events, this race had a cap of 500 people, which is a lot more chill. Kevin took the low key race as an opportunity to reintroduce some tempo running into his regimen, and ran a 1:25:45 to finish 203rd. Kevin will be heading down to Baltimore this weekend so perhaps you'll get to see him again!

And of course the Purple Drink Athlete of the Week...

Alyssa's 4th fastest swim and bike splits were enough to put plenty of space between her and 3rd, and you can never be mad finishing runner-up to a pro. So congrats, you are this week's PDAW!

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