Friday, January 11, 2013

Sun Day Long Run

Not quite. Unfortunately, the current forecast projects clouds. It will, however, be warm, with temperatures reaching the low 60s. Break out the t-shirts and join us for an unseasonably warm long run from Gilman at 8:30. The pace will be sub-7:00 per mile; the course will be hilly. I hope to run for about 2 hours, though our first loop will be shorter. Last Sunday we had two pace groups, so organize and plan to bring friends if you want a faster or slower effort. Like last week, we will convene at Greg's Bagels for the Northside's best empty breakfast carbs.


PJ Martinez said...

Hi, Dusty. I'm new to Baltimore and would like to join for the run tomorrow. Where at Gilman do you typically meet?


P.J. Martinez

RM said...

PJ - just in the parking lot. You access it off of Northern Parkway (east). I'll email you with Dusty's number so you can have it in case you're having trouble.