Wednesday, April 23, 2014

There's the Rub

*Today's post title in honor of Billy Shakespeare's birthday

Okay so I've missed a couple of weekends' worth of recaps. SO SUE ME. Sometimes I get busy. This will be a major highlights post, and I won't even get into recapping the Boston Marathon in this one.

Let's see, the first weekend in April was Cherry Blossom. As we all know by now because he's reminded us a million times (psyche, he hasn't, he's too modest), Conrad Laskowski ran one of the best races of all time. He finished 29th in 50:32, which is utterly incredible. Andy Sovonick, who was forced to cross train much of the winter/extended winter due to a calf/Achilles injury, ran an unbelievable comeback race, negative splitting to a 56:51 (27:30 back 5). Brennan Feldhausen ran 10 miles @ sub 6 pace in the middle of his last training run before Boston. A trio of ladies - Denise Knickman, Amy Horst and Christa Wagner - represented 65, 66 and 67 minutes, respectively.

The day before Cherry Blossom was the Charlottesville Marathon, Half and 8k. Carly Page and I went down to run and support the Bad to the Bone team, who puts on this great event. Charlottesville is a cool town, and with options for everyone AND a Saturday race, I encourage anyone looking for a challenging spring getaway race (that's not too far) to consider this one for next year. Carly took 3rd F in the 8k, and I ran a terribly slow half marathon.

Other notables: Pete Mulligan ran his first, and probably last, 100 miler at the Umstead 100; Ben and Kendra Ingram went out to Arizona and raced a 10k on Saturday (Ben won) and then a 4000m open water swim in Tempe Town Lake the next day.

The Purple Drink Athlete of the Week went to Conrad.

The following weekend saw a lot of people in action all over the place. Dustin Meeker ran a 4:07.55 (PB) 1500m at the Hopkins/Loyola Invite. There were a number racing the Sole of the City, including Max Hacker, who finished 2nd at 33:43, and Megan DiGregorio, who was also 2nd. We saw Cory Donovan run a 10k PR (39:24) and Suzanne Hurst returned to racing!

Sunday was a big day for Erik T. Orberg across the pond, as he absolutely decimated the streets of Vienna. From what I'm told, the place was full of Wieners. I'm sorry, but that joke will never get old for me because saying the word "wiener" is funny. Anyway Erik ran a 2:39 at Philly in the fall and the work this guy was doing all winter was, to say the least, impressive. A patient, talented and dedicated athlete, Erik rolled a 2:35:46 to establish himself in the record books as one of our Top 10 Marathoners of all time!

Locally, we had a few stretch out their legs along the GW Parkway at the 10 miler down there. Dave Berdan showed he's back on track following a hit of the norovirus. He ran 51:24 for 4th. Graham Peck, who's been forced to take it a bit easy in the past few weeks due to a finicky leg, was 8th in 54:06. And Tom Stott, who has not raced longer than a 5k in I'd have to guess at least 18 months after breaking the same foot TWICE in that period, ran a 1:09:53 negative split. That was good enough to earn him that week's PDAW.

One of our mid-April favorites has become the downhill Westminster Main Street Mile. For various reasons this year the participation (on our part, not the race's) decreased. Just a couple of us went out for it. It was a chilly and windy night, but much better than had the race been the previous day when it snowed! Ryan Stasiowski was able to take the win in 4:15, while Arjun Majumdar was 6th in 4:27. Tom Stack finished 10th in 4:36 and Kris Simms was just behind in 4:37 (top Master). Christa Wagner, our lone women's team, was 3rd in 5:07.

Just a few days earlier, Kris won the Brighter Than the Sun 5k, a low key race on his birthday. Tom Stack, same day, was 5th at the Hopkins Blue Jay 5k in 17:17.

Boston was technically this week, but I count it as an extension of the previous one. There was also the B.A.A. 5k, not held on Easter Sunday, but rather on Saturday. Dustin Meeker ran 15:25 for 28th place and Steve Febish came in at 16:44.

Down at the Kentucky Derby Marathon, Jackie Range (3:20) and Sara Damiano (4:15) paced their marathon groups perfectly!

Monday, April 21, 2014

118th Boston Marathon: Results

At the hotel and wanted to shoot out a quick update on how everyone did!


In the Men's Team Scoring (top 3) Falls Road finished 10th!!

58. Graham Peck, 2:26:36 (this is insane, obviously)
120. Nate Brigham, 2:32:04
374. Phil Turner, 2:40:59
380. Max Hacker, 2:41:05
503. Nick Gehlsen, 2:43:38
596. Nick Klastava, 2:45:04
933. Ian Clark, 2:49:40
1750. Brennan Feldhausen, 2:56:53
1782. Kris Simms, 2:57:04
2960. Will Knox, 3:03:38
227. Emily Hurley, 3:05:28
3619. Ryan Dietrich, 3:07:23
3674. Dave Ploskonka, 3:07:37
3840. Curt Forst, 3:08:32
4591. Joel Gladfelter, 3:12:11
1516. Marci Benda, 3:25:46
1770. Bryn Burkholder, 3:27:41
7441. Henry Peck, 3:28:43
9369. Bob Villanueva, 3:30:08
2777. Julie Wolfe, 3:34:36
11633. Scott Boylan, 3:37:34
3861. Jen Sheely, 3:41:07
6614. Kristen Till, 3:59:33
9208. Meg McNew, 4:22:12
22380. PJ Anderer, 4:23:26

Friday, April 18, 2014

Marathon Monday: Who To Watch For

I realized I'm quite far behind on results from the past two weekends so I'll get to that while up in Boston, but here's a list of people running for those who wish to track online. Kick ass!

Peck, Graham
Brigham, Nathan
Hacker, Max
Gehlsen, Nick (Eric)
Clark, Ian
Feldhausen, Brennan
Simms, Kris
Klastava, Nick
Turner, Philip
Gladfelter, Joel
Ploskonka, David
Knox, Will
Anderer, PJ
Villanueva, Bob

And of course our ladies!

Hurley, Emily
Wolfe, Julie
Burkholder, Bryn
McNew, Megan

I may have missed a name or two, certainly not intentional.

And I believe here's who is running the BAA 5k (Saturday)

Dustin Meeker
Steve Febish

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

In need of some jerks

Hi friends. My Reach The Beach team is in need of three speedy people (1 guy and 2 girls). Last year we finished first in our division and second overall with an average pace of 6:02, and they're hoping to improve on that even more this year. It's a really fun, unique way to get in some workouts if you're training for a fall race. The relay is September 12-13 in New Hampshire. Entry fee is $120. Other expenses will be relatively low (just food, vans, etc) because lodging will be free, so aside from that you'd just need to worry about getting there.

Email me or leave a comment if you're interested and/or would like more info. Link to the event website is in the title. The team name is "Competitive Jerks."


P.S. Feel free to make your own joke re "needing some jerks."

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blowing Up

“Every race there’s some hard decision you have to make, and mine was right around 5-K where I said I’m going to go with this group and see what happens,” [Christo] Landry said in his post-race interview. ”I might blow up, but if you don’t take chances, why are you out there?”

An excerpt from David Monti's Cherry Blossom recap, via Race Results Weekly/

Landry was the top US finisher at Sunday's Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, which served as the USA 10 Mile Championship.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pumpin' Blood

The manic nature of the days lately is getting to be a little much! As I said in the email, Sunday's race day weather ranks among the worst days I've ever experienced, with temperatures in the low 40s (and dropping), torrential (cold) rain, and flash flooding on every road.

Perhaps the Biblical rain we experienced was all part of guerilla marketing efforts to promote the new movie "Noah" - but either way it made the performances all the more impressive.

Carly Page last ran the B&A Trail Half in 2012, when the day was much kinder to runners. This year she came into the race a little worn down, having cracked some ribs following a long coughing fit a few weeks back. Given the circumstances, nobody would have faulted her for not running. But she put on the SICKEST OUTFIT OF ALL TIME (no pics because it was raining) and a happy face, and just got after it. The race was all but decided from the gun; Katie Ogden, formerly of Towson, blitzed the start and amassed a large lead, which she nursed all 13.1 miles. After settling into a rhythm, Carly rolled some great splits out (with the wind) and back into the wind as the rain pelted. For her efforts she was rewarded with a 2nd place and a solid March 30th time of 1:27:58.

Sara Damiano had "the look" - like you knew she was ready to go. Nothing was going to get in her way. Unfazed by the conditions, she marched down the trail, ticking off a relentless tempo and getting to the line in a new personal best of 1:35:49. Sara D has had an amazing string of results over the past 6 months or so, and it's been fun to watch.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Ironman Los Cabos (MEX) was bright and sunny. And hot. Kona-like conditions are something that Alyssa Godesky has become quite accustomed to over the past few years, but this race was a little different. It was her first triathlon as a professional! No longer "just" racing for age group wins or Kona slots, Alyssa was going up against the big shots, competing for money (and awareness). Following the splits throughout the day, they were incredibly even, and her method of steady racing was able to propel her to a 13th place finish in the pro field in a time of 10:22 - 30 minutes faster than her race there last year! Her marathon split of 3:39 was only a minute off her best IM run.

Coming back locally, Graham Peck and Megan DiGregorio were dual winners at the Dundalk Challenge 5k, and Joel Brusewitz raced as well. On the rubber oval, Ed Aramayo started, and finished, his outdoor racing campaign in the 1500m at the Widener Invite.

Our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week selection went to Carly!

And two KC Masterpiece Awards went to Emily Hurley, who ran her long run and significant portion of Carly's race with her; and Dan Miranda, who braved the elements to cheer on runners in a number of spots along the way, with a BOOT on.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Space Between

While most can agree on one thing (we're all fed up with winter), my take is a bit different. It's made you warriors, champions, ready to race. Seriously, the race results we've seen so far in 2014 have been some of the best ever in spite of the miserable weather. So pat yourself on the back, but don't rest on your laurels too long; there's work to be done yet.

Since her move to Charlottesville at the beginning of the year, Alyssa Godesky has been consistently cranking out week after week of insane volume and increased intensity. Unfortunately for multisport, ours is not a winter activity unless you want to travel. She headed to North Caroline for the Grandover Parkway Duathlon over the weekend - a 4 mile run, 20 mile bike, 4 mile run. She thinks the run may have come in around 3.95 miles, but her 24:23 first run would still equate to about a 6:10 pace, which would easily have resulted in an open 5k personal best. She was 2nd F heading into transition, but passed the leader and never looked back as she opened a big gap on the bike. She ran 25:44 for her second run and held on for a minute victory. She heads this weekend to Ironman Los Cabos for her professional triathlon debut.

Travel last week interfered with Erik T. Orberg's plans to run the National Half, and with a marathon coming up he didn't feel that the Shamrock 5k fit the plan. So he targeted the Caesar Rodney Half in Delaware and came out of it with a 5th place finish and a shiny new (6 minute) PR! But let's be honest - that PR was pretty soft because he did, after all, run a 2:39 marathon in the fall. The 1:14:22 is more representative of the athlete he's become, and bodes well for a terrific marathon in Vienna.

Emily Hurley and Julie Wolfe wanted to get in a half marathon prior to Boston, but rather than stay close to here, where the chances of it being slightly warmer were greater, they elected to head north - way north - to Syracuse. It was below 20 degrees and snowing, so you can draw your own conclusions about how psyched they were about that! Emily finished 4th in 1:27:51 and Julie, well Julie "went for a long run" and came in at 1:42:10. I figure the snow and cold weather was the physical manifestation of disappointment and tears after #3 Syracuse got upended by #11 Dayton in the 2nd round.

This week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week went to Erik T.

So far to start this week we've already had snow (Tuesday) and high winds with temperatures well below the norm. Hopefully that will change to bring us a bit of relief by the weekend, but who knows.


I WAS in a Classical Languages Honor Society (I took Latin)
I DID attend band camp (in 8th grade)
I HAVE been given detention (5th or 6th grade, it was bullshit)

I have NEVER been on a gymnastics team