Friday, March 11, 2011

This Place About to BLOW

Dirt and glitter cover the floor
We're pretty and sick
We're young and we're bored

Is everyone ready for the weekend?  It's going to be sick.  First, TERPS play Duke tonight at 7pm.  Second, Pub Run is tomorrow.  Third, Shamrock 5k is Sunday.  So here's the weekend's lineup:


Run starts at 8am from Slainte in Fells Point.  I heard from a few people about helping, so sent an email out with assignments.  If you find that you are able to help, please show up at Slainte between 7 and 7:15.  We'll need help with registration and corraling people out on the course.  Following the run, feel free to stick around and hang out for a bit at Slainte!


Race starts at 1:15pm.  Parking, for those who may be coming from areas where you have to drive, is probably best available on or near Guilford Ave, particularly under 83.  Remember, if you're picking up your stuff on race day, you must pick it up by 11:30 from the Downtown Athletic Club.  No exceptions are made after this time. 


Obviously people hang out at the finish for a little while, which is always fun.  But, for post-post race activities, Ed and I have conferred and will open our house for a fun afternoon on the rooftop deck.  As much as I don't want to let anybody know where we live, I will do so in the name of fun.  Plus, we live two blocks from the Square now, so it opens up that world of debauchery (and food).  I will head home shortly after the race, so people are welcome to come over we'll say from 2:30pm.  Our address is 925 S. Ellwood Ave.  If you know where the Square is, it's real close.  If you're not familiar, the best idea is probably to take Boston St and make a left turn onto Ellwood (near DuBurns Arena) and then park wherever you can find a spot on that street (it's a one-way street, headed north). 


Meg said...

if you park on Guilford near or under 83, don't leave anything in your car. At all. Not even in the middle of the day.

alyssa said...

I mean...if you park anywhere in the city, ever, you shouldn't leave anything in your car.

Meg said...

well, true. I learned the hard way like you did.

RM said...

Basically, steal a bike and ride it to the start, so when it gets stolen you won't feel upset.

Special note about me and Ed hosting the post-post race party:

We ain't gonna have shit. It's BYOE (everything). We live two blocks from the Square, which is stocked with bars, which also sell packaged goods. If weather is good, we can fire up the grill if people want to acquire grilling type things from the local Safeway which is just down the street.

Keep my number handy if you have any questions that day, if you need the number just email me at