Thursday, March 10, 2011


i feel like this guy could tackle the cheese challenge.


David Ploskonka said...

He might have the stomach for disgusting food, but I don't know if he could handle that many calories . . . just to see, I added up what he did for March 9th, and he ran 9 miles and consumed about 3400 calories, for a net intake of around 2500 calories, which, for a "moderately active" man, 40 years old, 5'9" and 150 pounds, is more or less a "maintenance-level." (I just made up those stats, since his blog doesn't really say how old he is and all that . . . and yes, apparently I have too much time on my hands these days.)

Dart said...

Are there official rules for the challenge? I think the challenge needs to be laid out.

A few questions:
1) When the gun starts the time, does the eating/drinking have to follow the initial 5k? I would think that they should be all allowed.
2) Do crutches count as lifting 5000 pounds. I would say hobbling around 5000 meters would be a good workout.
3) Is the 5000mL fluid a "non-water" fluid?
4) What is the time requirement total?

I have new found life in the Challenge. it's the only thing I can train for these days.

RM said...

Yes there are official rules.

1) Initial 5k must be completed first, and then eating and drinking can commence.

2) Crutches do not count.

3) Yes, non-water liquid, so must have calories. G2 was used in the first competition.

4) 500min = 8h20m I think, unless they said 5 hours.

Dart said...

Sweet, a solid reason to not do the challenge for at least 2 months.

5-hours seems unreasonable, and doesn't fit the "5-zero-zero" theme