Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bottoms Up

Well as I was the only one who raced this past weekend, and it wasn't a Purple Drink worthy performance, we will either go without it, or it will go to the girl who not only beat me pretty handily in the 3 mile race, but she also went into the water after.

It was an out and back course, 1 mile was the length and we did it 3 times (shortened from 5 miles). On the way out we had the tailwind, so it wasn't as bad, but coming back into the wind was gnarly. The snow was blinding. I finished 5th in 19:28, winner was just under a minute ahead. The girl beat me by 30ish seconds and finished 3rd.

Then I proceeded to get snowed in for a few days. That was also nuts. I was jealous of all you non-snowed in folks able to move around.

So tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and as mentioned in the email we should celebrate somehow with a run. In talking to a few of you, we will accomplish the following:

1) Run in daylight
2) No pre-determined route (well obviously I have an idea of where we will run, but how we get there is TBD)

Our decision was to run north, so that we get both a quality run and go somewhere somewhat interesting and also quasi-safe. My plan is to get in a 90 minute run, in other words, if you do not want to run that long, bring a watch and head back when you feel like it. There is a possibility, depending on how well it's timed, that the run could be longer than 90. It will not be less.

Since we all live in different places, and for me to run anywhere already adds 6 miles, I think Kris Simms' house is a good meeting point since the route will head north. Kris isn't going to be there so we can park in his enormous parking lot for a little while.

Therefore, our final verdict, based on people presumably having NYE plans and things to do to prepare, and where I want to take the run, we will assemble at Kris' house at 2pm. He lives at 712 Park Ave, but you'll have to go around back in the alley as we won't be in the house.


THE KRIS said...

i'll just preemptively say, "hey you kids, get out of my yard!"

also, i prefer to be known as "old man simms".

also also, enjoy your run.

RM said...


Awesome comment. Thanks Old Man Simms!

Dart said...