Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cosmos Celebrating New Years Early

Seth, this is what had me flipping out last night:

A quote from the article: "Spotted a large green meteor tonight, approx, 6:50 p.m., moving east to west, lasting about 6 sec. with a shower of green sparks following my location 5 miles south of Pocomoke City, Md."

I was looking upward when all of a sudden I see this massive green fireball streak across the sky showering sparks in its path. I thought it must have been a man made firework, but I noted the time (6:50) so I could see later if anyone else had seen the same thing. From reading the accounts, it must have been a meteor. Definitely the coolest thing I've ever seen while watching the stars.

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Seth T said...

That's awesome! Wish I was paying more attention. I only caught the end of it with the corner of my eye.
Nice job getting the weather-man so excited with your comment about the sound.