Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sky Full of Stars

The last weekend in June means we've reached (and passed) the halfway point in the year! As I'm writing this today with a temperature over 90 degrees and "real feel" of approximately 273 Kelvin (science nerds, is that a lot?) it would be hard to believe that at one point this year we had a polar vortex.

On one of the greatest days of the year (Indiana Jones Day) we also saw the running of Dreaded Druid Hills 10k, and what great conditions we had for that! Jim and the Falls Road crew put on another fantastic event and thanks to so many of you who came out and volunteered in the morning. Races can't go on without your help!

In the race, Ian Clark finished 4th in 37:34, and Cory Donovan surprised himself after a week on antibiotics for an infection. He finished 9th in 42:24. Johnny Lyons was just behind in 42:45, and PJ Anderer came through at 45:14. Sara Damiano was our top (and only) lady and she finished 3rd!

Sunday was the inaugural Challenge USA in Atlantic City. It's an ironman distance, without being an Ironman. #Politics #amirightbros. Alyssa Godesky had a terrific race, posting her fastest iron distance bike and run splits (3:36 marathon) en route to an overall distance PR of 10:09:25. Most important, by finishing 4th she earned her first prize purse paycheck as a professional triathlete! Pretty cool, and that was good enough to earn her this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week.

As mentioned in the email, we had two different workouts for the track yesterday: one if Team USA won, one if they lost. Ultimately due to the incredibly hot and humid conditions we opted for the shorter workout (despite the Team USA loss). I have to say, don't think it was any easier really as people were pretty wiped by the end!


c-rad said...

273K = 0degC = 32degF = ICE ICE BABY

RM said...

Ha, I knew it was an actual thing, just not which direction on the hot or cold scale.

Katy Perry would refer to this as "cold"