Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Rockets Red Glare

Independence Day. A day many associate with hot dogs, fireworks and the beach. Or for some, an eating contest that rewards overindulgence on nitrate-laced pork byproduct, loud bright explosions and traffic.

Either way, it's AMERICAN and gosh darnit, you'll freaking like it!

And while summer has technically just started, it generally signifies the halfway point of summer, because from here on it, it's going to fly by faster than Maverick buzzing the tower.

Naturally, there are some races held annually on Independence Day, and they attract reasonable sized crowds. The Arbutus Firecracker 10k is a tough course, but top 3 in each age group are rewarded with cash prizes. Erik Anderson was the overall winner in 33:14, and Matt Franco was 9th in 36:06. I originally missed Franco's result because his last name was listed as "France". Dave Berardi ran 37:24 and Joel Gladfelter came in at 38:08.

For the ladies, Megan DiGregorio was 3rd in 39:35 and Suzanne Hurst was 5th at 42:03. Denise Knickman wasn't far behind in 6th at 42:41.

Dundalk has a Heritage Festival that lasts a week and, prior to their parade, racers jump out for a 6k along the parade route. Winning this year's event - in jorts and a t-shirt that read "turn up for America" - was Sean Caskey. He ran 21:05 and then he and his 5 friends proceeded to consume 90 cans of drink. They truly turned up for America. PJ Anderer was 11th in 24:29 and Jen Sheely was 2nd F in 26:29.

Elsewhere there were some great results, such as Tom Stott's 19:41 at the Autism Speaks 5k. Great to see Tommy Stott getting back into action. Another result I missed in the email was Amy Horst's Firecracker 4 Mile in Wisconsin, where she held 6:12 pace and finished 5th in 24:51.

But the race of the day and winner of our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week was Justin Gerbereux, who ran 30:18 to finish 9th at the Southampton Firecracker 8k.

A lot of races with the word Firecracker.

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