Thursday, April 25, 2013


The days following the 117th Boston Marathon were tough - eventually I'll get around to posting some of the race reports. It has been nice now that some of the emotional angst has been relieved that some are finally able to talk about their races.

There were a number of events this past weekend, and many were racing with heavy hearts. But you could also see the power of getting back out there, because there were so many inspired performances.

At the Sole of the City 10k - which I heard was long because they didn't account for the Pier V bridge being out - Charlie Larsen took the win in 34:08 and Jason Farber was 4th in 35:28. Curt Forst ran 38:01 and Cory Donovan had a solid race at 40:22. Jackie Range was 7th among the women in 42:18 and Marci Benda finished 20 seconds back for 9th.

Sunday had two big events: one a perennial favorite for running fast, and the other a new tradition on an untapped resource in Baltimore.

At Pike's Peek 10k, conditions could not have been better as a tailwind pushed runners downhill from Shady Grove to White Flint. Dustin Meeker led the way for our gang in an eye-popping 30:34. Which was only good enough for 18th place! It's a huge PR for Dusty, and somewhat amazingly it's double what he ran last Sunday for 5k. It's also puts him at all-time #3 on the Top 10 list. Not far behind was Graham Peck, who blazed a 30:47 for 22nd place. Before the race the pair had "30:59 or bust" on their minds, and they both knocked that out of the park!

Steve Febish and Dan Miranda each had incredible races as well. Steve ran 31:59 and Dan ran a 30+ second PR of 33:34. For Dan, after a couple of plain performances, it must have felt great to let one rip. Chrissie Ramsey also ran a PR (34:49) which means lowering her own team record, but the time was "only" good enough for 11th - one out of the money! Denise Knickman had a solid performance at 40:06.

Kris Simms showed just how much of a boss he is. Kris ran the Westminster Mile 10 days prior, then ran an awesome race at Boston. Less than a week later he was back on the starting line (albeit 10 minutes after the gun went off, he was the last person to cross the line) and ran through most of the field, finishing in 41:58. That's a whole lot of downhill miles!

And of course there was the 2nd Annual Mulligan Metric Marathon (and added Half Metric) along the scenic Gwynns Falls Trail. Thanks to all those who lent a hand! Bob Villanueva finished 17th in 2:03:54 and Keith Rice was 22nd in 2:08:31. Unfortunately for Mike Zero, his Course Record from last year was broken, but he will still always be the first winner of the race! In the Half Metric, Sara Breedlove was 5th in 1:04:29.

Our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week was a decision really between the performances from Pike's Peek, but having shared his goals with me prior to the race, Dustin Meeker earns this week's PDAW. Sometimes it's not about the times (even though his was very, very fast) and more about the result. Awesome job Dusty!

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