Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Circle Gets the Square

The opening weekend of March for racing is a lot like the opening weekend of March for movies.

The Oscars are over so nothing good comes out for a little while, and the blockbusters all wait til spring or early summer.

And that's where Collin Anderson comes in.

Derrr I'm Collin
Collin ran the Phoenix Marathon, finishing 12th in 2:50:00.1. Yes, it's critical to the story that you understand that 0.1. Because you see, Collin's watch had him at 2:49:59.x and he was sure he had broken 2:50. Not just that, but his (and other) GPS watches clocked the course at 26.36 miles (or longer). Afterwards the explanation that was given was that the course (USATF Certified) was measured on the shortest possible line - which is S.O.P. - but the route was contained within cones that were not the shortest lines.

So we salute you, Collin, for always providing a lengthy reason behind every race. Ha! I jest. But seriously, job well done on your near 3 minute PR, and we look forward to hearing about your next race - and it's lengthy story - soon.

As appropriate, Collin won this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week.

Welcome to March, everybody.

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