Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Keep Their Heads Ringin'

The wind was angry on Sunday, chilling and biting. Somewhere, a boy needed saving, and a firefighter was there to answer this boy's call for help.

If you want to know the story, you'll have to ask Steve

Down in Alexandria, Virginia, the crew took on the GW Birthday Classic 10k. Nate Brigham and Dustin Meeker set the tempo, as the others latched on and shielded themselves from the wind. 16:40 at the turnaround, Nate then dropped a tailwind-fueled 15:20 back half to finish 3rd in 32:00. Dustin wasn't far back at 32:31 (5th). Dan Miranda was among the closest to his actual PR, finishing 9th in 34:38.

At the GW Birthday Marathon, which is a loop race on some rolling, boring agricultural property in Beltsville, Dave Ploskonka was 9th in 3:19:55. Not the kind of day I'd want to run a marathon, that's for sure.

Chrissie Ramsey took the top honors at the Frostbite 5M in Ambler, PA, running a very solid 29:25 and picking up some keesh for her effort. And Meg McNew also took a win, at the low key RASAC 15k.

Chrissie's win was good enough to propel her to the Purple Drink Athlete of the Week!

Of course we have Club Challenge this weekend, and even though our team has hemorrhaged runners, we'll put our best foot (feet) forward and let the chips fall where they may!