Monday, February 25, 2013

Catch My Breath

By the narrowest of margins - 2 points - Falls Road captured the 2013 Club Challenge Overall Team title on Sunday. Check out the new trophy. The parade is Tuesday.

A full post will follow but congratulations to Female Overall Champion, Melissa Majumdar!

Help me out Ryan, I'm not good at math. How could the Striders win the men's AND women's individual team titles but NOT the overall title?

Interesting question. As I've explained numerous, numerous times, individual team scoring is based on your top 12 men and top 6 women, but in overall scoring it's based on your fastest 15 people, with a minimum of 4 women. Individual team scoring for the women uses their gender-actualized place. So Melissa wins, she gets 1 point. Chrissie is 2nd, she gets 2 points. Striders may have had the next two or three places, so that means 3, 4 and 5 points.

But in the overall scoring, each woman counts as her overall place. So say Melissa was 50th overall, that means she is 50 points now instead of 1. Since our top two women were very far ahead of the next women, that really helped us out since they had 4 in before our 4.

I didn't create the scoring, I just abide by it.

After the race in the presidents' meeting the issue of scoring was brought up. In particular, since there are more women in the field now, perhaps more women should count. I raised my hand just to remind them that our ladies raised that very point 3 or 4 years ago. The good news is that they are open for suggestions on perhaps a new scoring system. So if YOU have any ideas, send them my way and I will forward them on.


Busch Light said...

Has to be the closest overall in Club Challenge history!! Congrats all!

In related news...fuck that course.

c-rad said...

This Club Challenge was slightly less narrowly decided than my choice of the Shamrock Shake over the Shake Weight in the current blog poll. Everyone did a phenomenal job out there this year, but no race is more difficult than having to choose between something that reminds us of sex, and the shake weight.

All kidding aside, all the competitors of CC2013 rep'd hard for TWSS!

Andy said...

Shake weight must win.

RM said...

For the record, I voted for Shake Weight. I'm actually not that big a fan of Shamrock Shakes.

Johnnie Cochran said...

I always thought that the shamrock shakes were what happened the morning after St. Patrick's day.

c-rad said...

***WARNING*** The following may be offensive to anyone who has a baby, or has ever been a baby.

I thought the shamrock shake was a move employed by Irish Catholics during potato famine to reduce family size.

JAR said...

So the real reason you can win the overall even though you lost both men's and women's is that for the women's scores, instead of having a 1 versus a 2 versus a 4, you might have a 50 versus a 60 versus a 90, because there are a lot of male "displacers" that can come in between those top women. Also, instead of scoring 12 men and 6 women, you are scoring 11 men and 4 women, so you basically get to drop your slowest scoring man and your two slowest scoring women.

RM said...

Yes, you can look at it like that. Since there are a lot of guys that come in between say 1:03 (where the first women finish) and 1:08 (which is top 15 women), each of those people serves to knock back the women in the overall standings. So from a team perspective, it actually would be beneficial to not have that many guys running between 63 and 68 minutes.

Dart said...

** C-Rad Type Vulgar Warning **

The win was even more clutch than slathering Vaseline on my wounded scrotum following an UA stitch line chafe from Tuesday’s Rain Run... Which is about how I feel about HoCo?

Meg said...

I enjoyed this very much.