Monday, January 7, 2013

We Are the People

While most of last week's races took place ON New Year's Day, Collin Anderson did win a low key 5k in Utah over the weekend. He was upset about having no competition, until he found out all the stuff he was going home with - including a massage, literally sparkling purple drink, and an unlimited pass to what sounds like the most fun place on earth.

But, it wasn't enough to upseat Melissa Majumdar from winning the first Purple Drink Athlete of the Week of 2013! Melissa got the win on Tuesday at the Resolution Run in just her 2nd race back following her racing hiatus.

With 4 people notching W's in the first week, we are off to a great start. Let's keep the momentum rolling! I hear that the group runs are thriving and many people are showing up and putting in some serious work.

We did have one competition whose winner had not yet been determined, and after allowing votes for quite a while, I get to declare a tie in the #TWSSChristmas photo contest. With an equal number of votes each (6), the winners are Carly Page and Christa Wagner. Brennan Feldhausen and his family came in a close 2nd with 5 votes. Here are the winning images:

Carly and her bro run on a snowy road

Christa poses with her new vest

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