Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stacking Money to the Ceiling

It's been a few weeks since I updated anything on here. Actually, more like a month. I originally wanted to put more thoughts up about the Olympics. Then I got caught up in my media blackout and was too tired at the end of the nights to write anything. Recently, I just haven't had anything to say.

But that's not to say there weren't some impressive results from you guys this August.

The BRRC wrapped up its season with its final two summer track meets. In Meet #3, miscommunication caused some frustration, but in the end we all got to run 5000m, with Dusty and Nate taking turns at the front. Dusty took the win in 15:51, a great time for a random Wednesday night, and Nate wasn't far back. One of the great performances from that night was Andy Thivierge's 4:35.8 in the 1500m, easily under 5 for the mile with the conversion. In the summer finale, he wasn't able to improve on that, though, and ran a par-for-Andy 5:01.97 in the mile.

Some of our August race winners included Bryn Burkholder (Sneaks Come Out at Night 15k), Christa Wagner (Founder's Day 5k), and Dan Miranda (Lums Pond Sprint Duathlon).

The Annapolis 10 Miler is always a big event, one that I have done - and have suffered in - due to its combination of humidity and hills. Last year's event was canceled on account of a hurricane that never materialized. This year, well, the hurricane was just a year late. Thunder, lightning, monsoon-rain were the conditions for the race, but that didn't stop Dan Miranda from putting down a very fast 57:19. Jackie Truncellito was 4th in 1:05:17, and Justin Gerbereux made his return to racing, running 1:06:13.

In the triathlon world, few have had more consistent results than Alyssa Godesky, who twice finished on the podium at REV3 events, both half iron distance, separated by just two weeks. Her 4:59:27 got her 2nd, and a new distance PR, at REV3 Dells in Wisconsin, and two weeks later she managed to take 7 minutes out of that already impressive time, dropping a 4:52:09 for 3rd. In each race she's run a 1:35 half marathon off the bike, which is great news for the Ironman World Championships. David Lee had a breakthrough race at Ironman Canada, where he put together a complete race, including a 4:02 negative split marathon to finish at 10:46:39. David has put in an immense amount of work since June's IM Coeur d'Alene to prepare for this one, and it paid off.

And now we're basically caught up to real time, of course I skimmed the results, but you can see them in the spreadsheet if you're so inclined.

Over the humid, rainy Labor Day weekend, Megan DiGregorio won the Knights of Columbus 10k on Saturday in 40:38, then finished 2nd to Jackie Truncellito on Sunday in the NCR 20 Miler. In the 20 Miler, Patrick O'Rourke finished 6th in 2:09:11, and Marci Benda and Bryn Burkholder ran 2:33 and 2:35, respectively.

This upcoming weekend is a big one for Ben Ingram, who will toe the line, or tread the water, in his first Ironman (Wisconsin).

This week our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week went to Bryn Burkholder, and in the previous two weeks it went to David Lee (IM Canada) and Dean Jagusch (Church Creek Time Trial). Prior to that they were Olympics-oriented, and the recipients were Allyson Felix, Galen Rupp, and swimmer Dana Vollmer.

In other news, Maggie Vessey is still racing late into this season, winning the 800m the other day in Zagreb, just ahead of Brenda Martinez.

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