Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life Back on Track Relay and Record Attempt

Some crazy running fools are attempting to set the 10 person/1000 mile relay record by running from near the Wisconsin-Minnesota border to State College, PA.  It's to honor the memory of Kevin Dare who passed while pole vaulting for the Nittany Lions ten years ago this week.  Early stages they were averaging somewhere in the neighborhood of 5:30 pace per mile.  I think they need to stay under 6 to break the record currently held by some South African marathoners.  They are planning to end on Friday around 2pm at the Ashenfelter sports complex on campus.  Enjoy:



pepperjackb said...

From their twitter

At of the conclusion of Leg #22, the team had covered 663.07 miles in 62:31:49 at an average pace of 5:39 / mile. Leg #23 is still rolling.

RM said...

That's beyond impressive - 10 people running 100 miles each, and averaging 5:39?? That is insane.

Kevin Frick said...