Thursday, September 6, 2012

REV3 All-Access Pass

Calling all triathletes (and prospective triathletes)!

This is, hands down, the best deal in the history of triathlon.

The great people at the REV3 Triathlon organization are offering a triathlon Season Pass, which means for the 2013 season you can race ANY and ALL REV3 events across the country for one amazing price!

For just $1200 you get entry into any race in the REV3 family of events, including the full distance race at Cedar Point. For those of us who are over the ever-increasing costs of race entries, think about it: 1 full distance and 2 half distance races put on by the "other guys" are going to cost $1200. And we all know a 3 race season is pretty short.

But WAIT...there's MORE!

You can share this pass with anyone - insane, right?! Say you can't make it out to REV3 Wisconsin, but your friend can. Pass the pass along to them, and they can use it to race themselves! The only stipulation is that only one person can use the pass on any given race day.

So take advantage of their generosity, and go in on this awesome deal with some friends to get the most out of your racing dollars!

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RM said...

I'll say this about the REV3 races:

So far this season I've been to their events in Knoxville and Quassy (CT), and they have both exceeded my expectations. Family-friendly, often at or near amusement parks or other tourist attractions, but still super competitive thanks to the prize purse they offer for pros. At both races we were fortunate to race against (and chat with) the likes of Matty Reed, Mirinda Carfrae, Richie Cunningham, Jesse Thomas, Amanda and Michael Lovato (Amanda Gillam, formerly from around here), etc.

In addition to those two races, Alyssa went to the events in the Dells (WI) and Maine this summer, and said they were awesome.

So if you're looking to do some legitimately fun races next season, comment here and maybe we can organize a group to go in on this deal. They'll be hosting an event in Williamsburg (VA) at the end of June, and they also host the Half Full Tri in Columbia in October, so there are races that are nearby!