Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fire on the Track

Just got in and saw the amazing results from our trackies today!  Results are unofficial so I'll amend this post when they are, but here's what I have so far:

Maryland Invite

Tristram, Ed, and Tim all doubled in the 1500 and 800.  The results would indicate they were close to one another, but they were all in different heats.  TT went 3:59.46 in the 1500, and then 2:05.12 in the 800.  Ed went under 4 and under 2 on the same day for the first time ever (3:59.91 and 1:59.84).  I heard Tim was a little disappointed about his results, but I think they're really good, 4:12.07 (5 seconds faster than last weekend) and 2:05.03.

Jubb had a rough go in the 15, running 4:11.71, Alex raced the race in his heat and ran a solid 4:13.94 and Arjun got his season started on the right foot with a 4:16.62.  Brian Leiter ran 4:00.50.

In the 3000m, Chris Snyder, who was originally left off the start list, ran 9:07.25

Towson Invite

Meg DiGregorio runs a 4:47.19 1500m (5:05ish mile), which is a BIG PR, some 10 seconds faster than she ran last year at the Maryland Twilight Meet.

Great job guys!  Dave Ploskonka is currently enduring a tough day down at Umstead 100 Miler, as he is apparently posting on Facebook during the race.  See everybody down at the Blossoms tomorrow!

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