Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Cherries Have Popped

This is the first real big weekend of spring racing, with a big group racing at the Maryland Invite on Saturday and then another large contingent heading to DC for the Cherry Blossoms on Sunday.  If you are running CB, I hope you have familiarized yourself with the process: packets must be picked up Saturday, race starts at 7:30am Sunday (7:20 for you, Chrissie!), Metro opens early but don't ever count on it being reliable. 

If you are joining for the College Park-DC long run for Sunday, we need to be running by 6:30 from the CP Metro in order to get there for the finish.

A lot of other races going on, including the "monumental" Ukrops Monument Ave 10k in Richmond, Charlottesville 10 Miler, and Cherry Pit 10 in Annapolis.  Monday's recap will be a good one!

And if you're around Baltimore on Sunday, April 15, check out the Blue Jay 5k up at Hopkins, which their track team puts on.  A lot of great random prizes and post-race is at Magerk's in Fed Hill.  More information on


Seth said...

KC Masterpiece Award nominations to our crew at Cherry Blossom today. I felt a big lift from all the support. I think it was Ed who reminded me to "use your arms" with 800 meters to go and, what do you know, it worked! Thanks everyone.

RM said...

It's quite possible that the pit crew could earn a KC Masterpiece as they were pretty clutch!