Sunday, April 1, 2012

CB: Crushed

UPDATE: Official Results below!

Dustin Meeker: 51:53
Seth Tibbitts: 56:53
Mike Mashner: 59:03
Kris Simms: 59:06
Chrissie Ramsey: 59:38
Tim Parker: 1:00:03
Meg McNew: 1:02:28
Terry Decker: 1:03:17
Becky Parks: 1:03:37
Christa Wagner: 1:06:37
Aaron Tripp: 1:08:45
PJ Anderer: 1:09:00
Denise Knickman: 1:09:25
Jen Koshy: 1:15:41
Matt Augustin: 1:18:19

Rough day for some, but all told, 8 PRs!  Dustin was 21st overall with his amazing run.  I saw a pic of him, Carlos (who had a beast of a race as well - 51:43), Patrick Reaves (Terp and GRC alum), Jake Klim, and Karl Dusen all in a pack.  Plenty of other great stories from the race, so I'll share more later!


the kris said...

i started behind an 85 year old woman wearing a trash bag, i claim chip time!

no seriously, she was at least 80, and was part of 5 rows of non-legit looking people who started in front of tim, seth, and i. it was like a local turkey trot.

Andy said...

That superpack represented some of MD's finest running

Dart said...

Kris knows she was at least 80 because he took her older sister to the prom.

Dart said...

I think that was pre World War 1, the first Prom ever.

brennan said...

The theme was Adam & Eve...or were they Adam & Eve?!?

RM said...

Holy crap, JOEL with the one-liners!

Who was writing that material for you Joel? You must have a ghostwriter.

But actually "PROMS" or "promenades" have been around since at least the end of the first Twilight movie.

Which Kris was the inspiration for, because he is 1000 years old but looks like a teenager. And his skin sparkles like diamonds in sunlight.

Dart said...

Report domestic blog violence - OAK got murdered.

the kris said...

ah, well done people, well done.


Dart said...

We wouldn't do it if you weren't so fast and always getting faster.

My fastest 5k was run by you..?!!

the kris said...

you'd have a 16:00 to your credit if you told boston to f off and concentrated on 5k training.