Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tennis Coach?

While I know that all of you are avid runners, I was wondering if any of you had a great passion for tennis (or knows anyone who does). The school where I teach and coach track is in a desperate search for a Head Coach for the boys Tennis team this spring. The season runs from next week to about the first week of May. Practices would be from 3-5pm. Here is the email I received from the athletic director today:

"Boys Tennis, which is a spring sport slated to begin tryouts next Monday, is in DIRE need of a head coach. Our old coach informed us two weeks ago that due to a job change, she would be unable to continue coaching the boys (and girls in the fall but we can talk about that later). We have interviewed a few people, all of which have led to dead ends. So now I am reaching out to you all. If anyone knows of anybody, or yourself might be interested, in coaching this varsity level sport. Please contact me immediately."

If you, or anyone you know of would consider this please let me know. This has been my first year coaching, and while it has been very time consuming, it has been a blast. I love it, and look forward to seeing my girls every day. Email me at if you are interested! Thanks.


Dart said...

Jen, is your email incorrect as you listed?... .com?

Jen said...

Yes, the org is correct, I made a different spelling error though. It's been fixed! Sorry about that.