Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day 4k

Don't forget!  Tonight is our first quadrennial Leap Day 4k.  I know some of you were confused, "is this a real race?" to which of course the answer is yes.  And no.

When the opportunity of running on Leap Day presented itself, we decided we should celebrate.  Since we all just raced on Sunday, the likelihood of people being up for hard workouts on Tuesday seemed slim, so we decided to push the workout to tonight.  Same time, same place.  We will warm up and get the event going at 7:00. 

You don't have to run it, you don't have to race it.  You can do your own workout, you can run it as part of your workout, tempo it, whatever.  The current forecast suggests it is going to be a little chilly and wet tonight, so be prepared!  But we will go no matter what.

Also, here is the flyer for our 2nd Annual Forget Towson Invitational.  Ed is the meet director for this one, but if you are interested in running it, send me an email with the event you want to run and a seed time.

Nothing's impossible on Leap Day.

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Dart said...

Can I wear that pimp suit with a slow seed time at UMAB on 3/17?