Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekend Update

Greetings from chilly and windy Charleston, South Carolina!

Tom Stott asked me to delete his post about a long run Sunday.  He is no longer able to make it.  But don't let that stop you from running if you were planning on it!  Simply start a new post, or tweet at BMoreRunning and it'll show up on the blog.

The report from Houston is very good right now.  Chrissie is all set up with her personalized water bottles and the conditions seem like they are going to be very conducive to a good race.  There are 47 water tables at each aid station for the hundreds of athletes, and each aid station is a quarter mile long as a result!  Chrissie also went to get Meb to sign her picture (the one of him passing her at NYC 2009 that was published in Runner's World) and he inadvertently handed off the picture...AND his race packet, including his bib.  The two parted ways and quickly one of his entourage came back to retrieve the packet.  Phew!

Chrissie's bib is #200.  From what I understand, there MAY be runner tracking via tomorrow, but I'm not totally sure.  However, every running news outfit and their mother is on site, so if you follow any running Twitter feeds, I'm sure you'll see it.  They started two new ones today, @USMenMarathon and @USWomenMarathon which are allegedly going to feed live splits.  Of course, if you don't want to know results, don't go on Twitter or the Internet!  And wait to watch highlights on NBC at 3pm.


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