Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Meg's Picks - Playoff Edition

With 4 great gridiron matchups on the slate for this weekend, we couldn't contain Meg to just one Pick of the Week.  Here's her predictions for the NFL Playoffs Round 2:

Denver at New England

New England.  Despite Tim Tebow's amazing winning OT drive to advance against the Steelers, Tim does not stand a chance against the team that crushed them in week 15 of the regular season. Also, Tom Brady is sexier than Tim Tebow - MM

Houston at Baltimore

Baltimore.  They get to play a home game against a team that is in the playoffs for the first time in its history.  I, Meg McNew, will personally be in Houston and would prefer that they experience the heartache of defeat - MM

New Orleans at San Francisco

49ers.  New Orleans was the "team of destiny" a couple of years ago, and even though Drew Brees is a lights-out QB, the 49ers, named for the Gold Rush of the late 1840s that drove population into the SF/Bay Area, have really put themselves into the upper echelon of football - MM

NY Giants at Green Bay

Packers.  How can you root against the team with the best record in football, and the defending World Champions?  Pack beat the Giants in New Jersey in early December, and now the Giants will have to go to the frozen tundra that is Wisconsin.  Discount Double Check! - MM

The expressed views above are entirely the thoughts and words of Meg McNew, nobody else. 


Brian Godsey said...

Who claims credit for the girly highlighting?

Meg said...

I agree with all of the above. But I am not responsible for any highlighting.

RM said...

I did ALL the highlighting