Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Black Like T

Pimp, pimp, hooray!  Today is the birthday of our favorite BBQ sauce-guzzlin cousin, TERENCE BAPTISTE.

Just remember, T, pimpin' ain't easy. 

AMENDED: Sneaky freaking Terence Baptiste ran a race this past Saturday, the "Just a Short Run 8.1 Miler" in North Park, Pittsburgh PA.  I found this by sheer accident as I perused runhigh.com.  He finished 3rd in 48:26 (5:59/mi).  Ms. Tuesday Tibbs also ran, running 1:16:52.  You thought you could get past me.

The results were mostly posted following the race on Saturday, but there were a few other races to mention, as well as the Purple Drink Athlete of the WeekDustin Meeker ran 20:36 for 3rd at the Salibury (MA) April Fools 4 Miler.  Meg McNew was 14th in 1:30:56 at the Caesar Rodney Half on Sunday.  Jared Jaskot won the WildFire Adventure Run in Gaithersburg, which sounded like nothing if but a clusterffff. 

But, with the 2:36 PR over the half distance, Tom Stott earned our PDAW for the week, setting himself up for a great race at the recently amended Big Sur race (the road collapsed into the ocean!).

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Terence aka LT said...

Hahaha!!!! Thanks Bro...