Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chrissie Wins National Half!

It's Christy, bitch.

Chrissie comes out like Wreckx-n-Effect, shakin that rump, winning the half marathon in an unofficial 1:17:00.  She looked super comfortable at mile 10, in 2nd by about 20 feet, and used a monster surge to break her opponent, dropping her at mile 11 and gapping her to the finish.

Tom Stott runs official/unofficial PR at 1:19:03...story to come later.

Dave Berdan finishes 6th in half.  Beef looked good, coming through the half in what I estimate was under 6 minute pace, and Phil Turner was right behind.  Dave Ploskonka was pacing the 3 hour group and brought them in at 3:01, wearing a balloon and holding a little flag like he was a Brazilian kid at Disney World in August.  Diane got a late start and still finished inside the top 10.  Awaiting official results, which are allegedly going to be posted by 3pm today.


Berdan ran a 1:09:00 for 6th place.  Beef went out at the torrid pace of sub 6 for the first half, and slowed in the back half to finish 19th at 2:44:16.  Very impressive time.  The lack of mile markers (I only saw mile 5, 11 and a mark on the road indicating 12) in the first half didn't help from a pacing perspective.  According to Ploskonka (3:01:12, 77th), the people in his pace group GPSd the course well over 26.2 miles.  Allegedly there may have been a last minute change to the route that could have caused the discrepancy.  Phil Turner was one position, but a few minutes behind Beef, running 2:47:51.  Diane finished 11th in the half in 1:23:23, which is only 25 seconds off her PR, set last year at National, and that's with a stressful morning/no warmup.  Tom Stott would have been 41st with his 1:19:03.  Chrissie's official time was 1:17:01, winner by 12 seconds. 

At the April Fools 4 Miler in Salisbury, MA, Dusty ran a 20:36 (5:09/mi) for 3rd place to finish in the money.

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