Friday, January 7, 2011

Genie in a Bottle

Your my command

Club Challenge Rules

I encourage you to all take a look at the NEW scoring for 2011. Not sure who they think this helps, but before we pop champagne, let's start getting really pumped for this race. There are a few very enthusiastic people right now (Jarf) but I'm not getting a great response from the ladddddiiiieeeesssss.

This year's rules are simple: if you don't run, you are OFF the team.

Psyche I won't do that, but, I will take you off that week's email.


Alex said...

I will be down cheering.

Meg said...

I would like an exemption to this for obvious reasons. I swear I was planning on running for FRR instead of RASAC this year.

Seth T said...

online registration (payment $8 NOT due until race day):

Seth T said...

Brennan and I vs. 56 Striders
Please help!

RM said...

Cool - last time I had to register we still used passwords to register for each team.

Props to Brennan and Seth for being the first two to sign up!


Dart said...

I'm ready to take out a few striders