Thursday, January 6, 2011


I will be running at 9am from Patapsco on Saturday morning, as alluded to in the email this week. Note: this means running AT 9, not meeting at 9. So plan accordingly. I will be there a few minutes early and then plan on running at 9. If you are running late, gotta let me know!

My plan is to drop into the trail and then potentially go up Bull Run trails, do that loop, and then come back down to the path. From there, bang a right and go over the bridge and then into reverse 11 mile loop. I do not intend to run more than 2 hours, but no less than 1:50. Depending on time, energy and motivation, perhaps making a trip (or two) up Gun Rd.

Feel free to let me know via comments or email if you are coming so I know to expect you.

Concurrently, also from a 9am start time, Alyssa would like to invite anyone running at an "Alyssa-pace" to run with her. She is doing 2 hours.

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RM said...

Good run everyone! We had an awesome crew out for a difficult, snow covered run.

Zero, Mellow, Brennan, Harvey, DH, Dusty, special guest T. Baptiste, special guest Woody comprised our group, and Carly and Alyssa rolled a few minutes ahead of us. We finished up Gun Rd.