Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sunday Evening Run

It may be sacrilege to run during the Packers for Brennan, but fortunately I am immune.

Dusty and I are planning on meeting at Fed Hill Fitness at 5:30pm to do potentially 9 miles. I'm thinking we'll probably do Shady 7 and then add on 2 more, which may be good if I decide to only do 7. It will keep the run flat and I don't think he's got to run super fast.

All are welcome.


Diane said...

Don't worry, I found Dusty for you.
- DH

RM said...

Without knowing of any other runners joining us, Dustin and I set a time of 5:10pm for departure. At 5:20, I left Fed Hill Fitness to go back to my car to get my phone to call him. With no response, I left and had to do the Shady 7 solo. It was super shady.