Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Run @ Patapsco

Here it is, the much anticipated Sunday Long Run plan. The emphasis should be on the "Sunday" and "Run" portions, less the "Long." The minimum plan will be 11. I likely will not do much more than 12 or 13. If you need to go longer, you can do so and organize whomever else wants to do that.

We shall run at 9am. This means running at 9am, so assemble prior to that. If you are planning on coming, let me know so that I can expect you. If you are running late and it is not terribly late, text or call me so that we know to wait for you. Following the run, we can discuss eating food together.

The trail, for those of you who have not been, is located on Rolling Road. It can be accessed via 95 South to exit 47. The same one as the airport, just go the other way toward UMBC. Then follow signs to Rolling Road. Bang a left, trailhead is up on the right. Can't miss the armada of weekend warriors going for montagne bicicleta. For those of you who may not have run there for a while, the trails have been chewed up pretty hard by the weather this summer, and I expect after tonight's storms they could be pretty bad. Wet leaves, rocks, ruts - so lace 'em up tight.

Costumes optional.

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Christy said...

I have 95 min planned for Sunday. I'll see you there!