Tuesday, November 2, 2010

That's Rank

So obviously we had mad winning going on over the weekend. Lee DiPietro, Julia Rudd, Joel Gladfelter, Dustin Meeker and Eric Benjamin all won races they competed in. Particularly impressive was Joel's win, redeeming his runner-up status from his other Dru Hill 5k earlier this year, and Eric's first ultramarathon (50k) and win there. As such, Eric earned this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week.

Washington Running Report's Summer Rankings came out, and as you may have seen over on the GRC blog, there were many familiar names, including Dave Berdan (8th), Ryan Pauling (9th), Ryan Stasiowski (11th), Ed Aramayo (23rd), Alex Battaglino (32nd) and Ben Ingram (36th, his age). The summer ranking period is pretty long, and I was interested to see that Stas was ranked at all being that he mostly did BRRC races and is also still in college, and Ryan Pauling, as I thought he only raced at Survivor 7 (38:45). Berardi was ranked in his old man age group.

On the women's side, Pam Maldeis was 13th with Meg McNew at 14th and Meg DiGregorio at 25th. Suzanne Hurst was 12th in the 35-39 group. Cynthia Evans was 5th in the 55-59 group.

Tonight, as you know, is the RM Classic 5k. Basically it just means you are running a 5k as the workout tonight at track, but since I will be timing it, it counts as a race. Same time as usual, warmup around 6:30pm and race starts at 7:00pm.

Also I've added a new poll to the sidebar. For those not in the know, perpetual Subway spokesperson, Jared Fogel (or Fogle, I forget), is running the NYC Marathon. Then we found out that one of the recently rescued Chilean miners, Edison Pena, is running as well. While he was trapped, he ran 3-6 miles per day in the dark mine. Our poll is: who will run faster. Voting closes Saturday night. GET OUT AND VOTE for this important issue!

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Meg said...

I think Al Roker will beat them both.