Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This shark, swallow you whole.

I just had to include a Jaws quote in the title. What a great movie. But I digress.

My friend Brian Denaro just completed a 17+ mile swim from the Hawaiian island of Kauai to Niihau.

Here's a picture of Brian with the island of Niihau in the distant background.

On the way he and his fellow swimmers encoutered jellyfish, Portugese Man o' War and saw a few sharks swimming around/under them. Thankfully they made it across safe (ie with limbs attached) but they did have some crazy stings and sunburns.

The link in the title will send you to a summary blog post in "The Daily News of Open Water Swimming".

And here's a link to the full 'Swim Report' by one of the four who crossed that day.

Just thought some of you swimmers would be interested in seeing this.


RM said...

Dude that's INsane! They actually wound up swimming 19.5 miles, and were swimming 45 minute miles at points?? Sounded harrowing.

I like the comment below the post that says "Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, Amelia Earhart and Neil Armstrong didn't encounter such diversity in their adventures."

Really? Amelia didn't experience adversity? Why don't we ask...oh wait, she never came back? Right. Guess disappearing doesn't count as adversity.

And Neil Armstrong? He only had to deal with the little things: defying gravity, no oxygen, outer space, aliens, landing on the moon with the computer capabilities worse than a Commodore 64...

The Other BG said...

"Diversity" or "adversity"? Now let's re-examine Huck Finn's and Tom Sawyer's adventures, RM, like I know you want to.

P.S. Commodore 64 has the best Olympics Games game ever. I still play it at my parents' house sometimes.

RM said...

I don't think Juck and Tom reverse-oreo Eiffel Tower'd Jim, but we could re-examine.

Side note: is this new Google Instant annoying to anyone else besides me?