Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A New Challenge

This was inadvertently brought to my attention by Meg:

Sunday, October 3, 2010
Newark, Delaware
Grotto's Pizza on Main Street

The event is a 2 mile race. Seems simple enough. Oh, but wait - there's more. In the middle of the race you EAT A PIZZA. One whole pizza.

I'm actually a little disappointed that I can't make it to this, as it combines things I love. Young UDel butts and pizza. If you're interested in doing this unique event, check it out on races2run.com.


Meg said...

Check out the results from last year...Ed would crush the "He Man" division.

RM said...

Actually, Meg, Ed and I discussed and since I am the only true "speed eater" among us, I think I may fare better, even though I would hemorrhage at least a minute between both runs.

I figure I could, right now, run about 5:40, then eat the pizza in 7 minutes, then run another 6 minute mile. That would put me at 18:40 without transitions.

I really want to do this thing so now I'll either have to wait a year, or we'll have to do this on our own. Maybe the last week of TNT??

Meg said...

I'm down, for the junior divison at least. Did you look at the pics on the website? The smaller pizzas looked really, well, small.

///MM said...

Anything less than a He-Man and you're really cheating yourself.


The Other BG said...

Under one of the girls' pictures, it says "I ate the whole thing!"

Can I get a TWSS?!?!