Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are You Doing Too Much?

The title of the post is a link to an article in The Sun that Justin sent me. Give it a glance. Here are the bullet points. You might suffer from exercise bulimia if:

You feel guilt if you have to miss a workout

You lose your menstrual cycle

You have anxiety and stress, including fatigue and depression

You have a compulsive nature.

Well, I guess we are all exercise bulimics. I have suffered from all of those things just in the past month alone. Including losing my period. First step is admitting I have a problem. Now I just have to get past it...

Anyway I never wrote up the weekend recap on the blog, with the exception of the results of VA Beach, so here we go!

Suzanne Hurst was our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week this week, thanks to her new 10k PR (41:24) and the win at Knights of Columbus 10k. She took home $150 for the W, which probably went right to fueling her Escalade and taking the kids to soccer practice (just kidding Suzanne!)

Meg McNew continued her romp of the Baltimore road running circuit, this time winning the NCR 20 Miler by a zillion minutes in 2:22:38. Pretty gnarly. And Patrick O'Rourke raced, running 2:04. That says he's in pretty good shape for the fall!

Cheese was 4th at Kentlands 5k in 15:55, which considering his high volume, aptitude for sickness and knack for running himself ragged, is quite good.

Lots of college alumni XC races too. Dusty went 4th in his alum 3k, Julia won her alum 3k, Boof ran 22:00 in her alum 5k and Ryan Schmidt ran the Sand Island Scrimmage 5k hosted by Chaminade and went 16:49.

We had a small showing at track this week, seems like it's been a quiet year. But the workout was good and the weather was nice, so I'll never complain about that. Tentatively I guess we'll just go through October, maybe into the first week of November, with "official" practices. I don't know of anyone that is racing past Army 10 anyway that comes to the workouts.

IMPORTANT: I hate not having enough people to fill out relay teams for Baltimore Marathon relay. If you are physically capable of running and are willing to do so for one of the events (male team, female team, co-ed team) please let me know. This is Baltimore's one and only team event, and the biggest event, for the year, so it's always nice to rep Falls Road on this day.


Johnnie Cochran said...

Sadly, it looks like I will be on the sidelines this year. I really enjoy that relay though. Between the Chicago Marathon and injuries, last year's team is slaughtered!

RM said...

Jake, I think there's something in the water between DC and here - a LOT of injuries this year!

Rebs said...

blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I will do relay. K Thanks.