Thursday, September 9, 2010

Post Chicago Marathon Fun

My parents reserved a room at a bar starting at 1:00 post-marathon. We figured everyone would want to hang out with family and friends and get some food and drinks. The bar is located about 1.6 miles from the finish and it is enough off the direct course that it shouldn't be too difficult to get to. I will try to provide more details about transportation, but please spread the word in the meantime. All are welcome (even the GRC folks who read our blog :)). They would like us to guarantee 35 people, which I think we should be able to accomplish, but give me a heads up that you would like to stop by and estimate how many people you think might be joining you. The countdown begins - one month from tomorrow!

Beer Bistro
1061 West Madison Street
Chicago, IL 60607-2051
(312) 433-0013


///MM said...

I should be down, with 4 people in tow. Is there a metro near the place?

Ben said...

count kendra and me in.

Melissa Bosslet Majumdar, RD, LDN, CPT said...

It is called the "L" and I don't think so unfortunately. I am looking into other driving options. We may just set up a shuttle service with my mom's car and get to as close to the finish as possible.

RM said...

Mike, it's just another 1.6 miles. Just think:


That stands for What Would Dave Ploskonka or Barf or Alyssa Godesky Do?