Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thank You!

I want to thank everybody for showing up last night at the "Bendra" farewell party. Especially the proprieters of the B&B at 1321 Clarkson St who hosted the party. Thanks so much for the box of beers and the sentiments you wrote on it.
Although I'm excited to have more time with my wife (Kendra couldn't show up last night because she was in negotiations that lasted until 8am this morning) - I'm certainly sad to leave Baltimore and this group. But don't think that you'll be completely rid of me. Winchester is less than two hours away and I'm sure we'll make a few trips back here. You all are welcome to stay with us - we're going to have plenty of room and Shenandoah National Park is only 20 miles away!
Most of all I want to thank you all for being you. In all my time as a runner I've never been a part of a team or group like this. This group really is greater than the sum of the parts. A lot of that comes from our leader Ryan. He doesn't have to do any of this - he doesn't get paid - he doesn't ask for anything in return. And because of that we all try our best to follow his example - creating an environment that is incredibly supportive and positive.
The results speak for themselves - just look at what incredible things people did this last weekend in the posts below. I don't know anybody in this group who hasn't improved from the time they joined. Of course what I'll miss more than training partners are the friendships. You guys are the best! Thanks and stay in touch!

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scotty doesn't know said...

bendra - patty's best friend from childhood lives out in winchester so we'll definitely be seeing you around :)

good luck moving prof. whitlock!