Sunday, March 21, 2010

C'mon Rude Boy


Shamrock Half Marathon, Virginia Beach

After yesterday's blazing fast times in the 8k, (22:55/22:57 1st and 2nd), I was hoping that whatever conditions prevailed there would exist today for the half. Dave Berdan has his sights set on sub 1:05, but the time "went out the window" when the winds were gnarly and in the runners' faces. A number of Kenyan and Russian elites dropped out because they didn't like the wind, which allowed Dave to finish 3rd in 1:06:16. That is INSANE.

He cooled down with race winner, Mike Morgan (1:04:56) and Keith Hanson. Morgan is in 1:03 shape and Hanson estimated the wind cost the elites up to 90sec.

But no excuses for today, it's just a great time and we're all proud of you Dave!

Dave Berardi also returned to racing, placing 43rd in his usual 1:19:08.

Caesar Rodney Half Marathon, Wilmington DE

Meg McNew took on this race as part of her preparation for Boston Marathon. She is still mostly coming back from her fall setback, but according to her FB status it appears as if this was just 20 seconds off her PR - she finished 16th at 1:31:06.

New York City Half Marathon

Moving from its previous date on the calendar (August), the change proved to be great as the men's winner was UNDER an hour (59:52) and the women's winner was 1:09:17. This meant times were fast for everyone, as my brother Kevin McGrath lopped another 6:40 off his PR and ran in the 1:32:57. This is 30 minutes faster than when he did NYC Half last year in August. Unreal!

Lil' Miss Sara Spears ran 1:53:58 and "felt like [garbage]". That is a 2 minute PR (1:55:58 @ Brooklyn Half last year). For never feeling like she's in that great of shape, she never ceases to amaze and routinely drops PRs!

You are all defying the convention that would suggest a winter such as the one we endured would lead to spring PRs - so keep doing whatever you're doing! People may have to start readjusting their goals soon...

SPECIAL NOTE about NYC Half. This may be a race to consider for next year. Today's weather up there was great, which certainly helped the race be fast. Brennan's 1:13:40, which earned him 18th at DC, would have been 56th at NYC. So many people finishing each minute, no way you'd be running solo. Super Runner Mike Wardian, who WON the National Marathon yesterday in 2:21:58, traveled up to NYC and ran 1:09:37 today. The guy is unreal. And you all remember Mike Smith, who snatched 3rd at the RM Memorial - he ran 1:10:07. Great job local runners!

And big shout to today's Super Spectators, Tom and Mary McGrath. They made their way into the City at the asscrack of dawn to watch Kevin and of course Sara Spears (they even snapped a camera phone pic, it was a booty shot, I must get it from them).

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