Thursday, March 25, 2010

sun am run

well hello there -

i'm gonna run ~14 in patapsco sunday morning - 8am departure time from rolling rd

would be willing to/thinking of possibly bumping it down to 7:30 start if anybody's interested...tho i know super early start times don't interest too many of you :)

lemme know if ya wanna join in!


RM said...

Other than Alyssa, I don't know if anybody has seen the early side of 9am for a weekend long run in quite some time.

JOIN SCOTTY for this amazing journey through Patapsco.

///MM said...

Patty Mac and I were in the water at 8am on Saturday!

RM said...

I know - that was impressive! And actually there was a group of people running at Patapsco at 8:30 on Sunday morning.

And by group I mean Tom, Cheese and Ben.