Monday, March 29, 2010

Just Say No to B-Tags

Everyone who ran the National Half or Full had the "pleasure" of running with the new B-Tags for timing. For those who didn't run that race or any other so far this year that uses the B-Tag, what they are is that the RFID tag is integrated into the bib itself. A good idea, except that the RFID tags are two long, very stiff strips that run along the edges of the bib and they cannot be folded, bent or wrinkled. This makes the bib even stiffer, scratchier and more uncomfortable than normal. Many people normally wrinkle or fold their race numbers to make them more comfortable, which is impossible to do with the new B-Tag bibs lest your chip time be compromised. Obviously I am not a huge fan.
So if anyone else out there reading this is similarly displeased with the new timing technology, I suggest you do as I did and send an email to the race coordinator or leave feedback against the B-Tag so that they won't proliferate to any more races or show up again next year.
I'm done complaining now.
Chinese buffet tonight! WOOT!

Here's a link to the manufacturer website if you want some more info:


brennan said...

Not to go completely against what you said, but I personally am a fan of the B-Tag.

While the strips for the "tag" are far too big, they are on the sides. Therefore you are still able to wrinkle up the bib as much as you'd like. This is much nicer than races that I've done in the past which have a "wire" up & down the back of the bib.

It'd be nice if the strips were smaller, but I'm sure that will come with time.

It's better than having to deal with a chip that affects how you tie your shoes. I'd rather have something uncomfortable on my chest than on my feet.

Plus you don't have to remember to put it on...and we all know that I've forgotten to put on a chip!!

RM said...


Z you going chinese buffeting?? See you there.

brennan said...

Even the R-Tag?

RM said...

R-Tag is okay.