Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has SPRUNG

Or, more appropriately, folks like BRENNAN J FELDHAUSEN and DIANE SASHA HEISER have sprung!!

Led by these two monster performances, TWSS rolled down to DC with more spectators than participants and took advantage of the most beautiful day in 6 months with the following performances:

Dustin "Dusty" Meeker: 1:12:38 for 16th place overall. A phenomenal time this early in the season.
Brennan Feldhausen: 1:13:40 for 18th place overall. A nearly 2 minute PR from Richmond Half (also a SunTrust race) in November.
T. Baptiste: 1:18:36 for 47th place overall. A 20 second PR from his Strong Isle Half Marathon last May.
Mike "Zero" Mashner: 1:23:44 for 101st place overall. He raced as Philip Flaherty and the luck of the Irish led him to a 2:10 PR.

Diane Heiser: 1:22:58 for what I believe to be her first half marathon, and one of the fastest half marathons any of our girls has ever run. She was 10th overall, not far behind Joan Benoit Samuelson.
Nina Kristina Hartman: 1:32:39 for 47th, 6 minutes faster than her Miami time.

These performances are not just noteworthy, they're SICK. It made the drive down from NJ worth it to see you all out there. Mile 10 is my favorite spot to be and not one of you looked dead at that point. The weather was probably a little too warm even for most people's preference, but how could you complain when it just looked so nice!

Dave Ploskonka was running as a pacer in the marathon, rolled to a 3:15:30.

Rebecca DuRivage-Jacobs ran the 8k at Shamrock in VA Beach, 14th woman in 33:22.

And in his first ever attempt at mountain bike race, hereafter referred to as MTB, Alex Viana WON the AFC Sugar Hill XC Beginner race at Patapsco!

Of course special acknowledgements to be made to the following amazing spectators, some of whom ran many miles to view at a multitude of spots along the course:

Ed Aramayo, Alyssa Godesky, Pat McLoughlin, Ben Ingram, Joel Gladfelter, Chrissie Ramsey, Jen Koshy, Elise + Ruth, Brennan's friend Jack, Melissa and Arjun Majumdar


NiÃta said...

thanks for the support guys! the guy next to me jealously/canadianly mumbled "you sure do have a lot of friends, eh?"

RM said...

I think I heard someone say that same thing to Diane.

That's how we do here - we support each other and share in one another's success!

Canadianly is a great adverb.