Thursday, March 18, 2010

Peachtree Road Race 10K

Just letting you know that registration for the 2010 Peachtree Road Race 10K opens to the public on March 21. The race is run on July 4 every year. Even though this is the largest 10K in the world with 55,000 participants, it still sells out extremely quickly. So, if you want to do it, you better get on it as soon as it opens! Given the numbers, it's probably not a PR kind of race, but it probably is one that every serious runner should do, sort of like Boston...or Club Challenge. They are, however, seeding the race this year, and most of you probably have times that would get you to the front of the race. You can use times from the past couple years on certified courses between 5K and 1/2 marathon. Being one of the really cool Atlanta runners now, I got to register before it opens to the public, so I'm already in! (Maybe that's why it sells out so fast when they open to the public--they've probably already given away 53,000 slots in pre-registration.) And I'm in the top flight of the race based on my sub-1 hour 10 mile Club Challenge--so you can see it's not that hard to get into the top flight. If anyone decides to do it, let me know, and I'll probably be able to give you a place to stay while you're here!


RM said...

Thanks for posting that Jeff! This is a race I've wanted to do for years. Of course, this year I will not be able to do it. But if people wanted to go down to Atlanta, I'd be up for the road trip. About 11 hours of a drive from Baltimore. Great stops along the way. Lots of bbq, fireworks, peaches. Could stop and take a dump on Cameron Indoor Stadium.

///MM said...

I've also wanted to do this race since I lived down there but have always had something going on for the 4th. I think a guy I was in grad school with down there is STILL studying. Sick.
I was under the impression that Peachtree was notoriously fast. P-2-P downhill from Buckhead to Midtown... but that's a faded memory from many moons ago.
Is Fat Matt's still there? Gladys and Ron's Chicken and Waffles?

JAR said...

Yes that does sound like a good road trip. I love peaches and BBQ. And Go TERPS. I'll definitely try to remember to post next year for people who can't do it this year.

RM said...

It's fast more by virtue of the field than the course, in the same fashion as Carlsbad 5000. The course might not be necessarily slow but I'd also say the conditions - 1000 degrees with 1000% humidity - hardly make for fast running.

And yes Gladys' chicken and waffles is there still I'm pretty certain

JAR said...

Yes Gladys and Ron's Chicken and Waffles is still here--there's one in the DC area as well, by the way. And Fat Matt's is still the famous BBQ place, though there are a lot of other good ones. As for the course--it is P2P from Buckhead to Midtown, with a lot of downhill from 1 to 3, a lot of uphill from 3 to 5, and a bit of a downhill from 5 to 6.