Thursday, March 18, 2010

UA Wear Testing

I just received a call from Under Armour asking if we had anyone interested in wear testing new kicks for 4 weeks. The caveat is that you MUST either be a size 7 (women) or size 9 (men). I'm fairly certain I know all our size 9's and 7's, but if you fall into this category and/or know someone who does and might be interested, let me know.

Allegedly these shoes are better than their first models, which we all know to have given most of us problems.

Feel free to reach out to your friends who may not run as much as you.


JAR said...

I usually wear 8 1/2 but could probably go with 9, if they wanted to venture all the way down here to Atlanta.

New Chris on the Block said...

I can pull off a 9, if they don't mind Kentucky runners.