Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Saturday Long Run

Anyone interested in running 12-14 miles this Saturday at 9am? Meeting earlier could be ok too. Suggested meeting place is my house in Hampden (4021 Falls Road). The route would be up 41st to Keswick, left on Keswick, left on Roland/University Drive, right on Northern Pkwy., right on Charles, left on 33rd, around Lake Montibello twice, then back to University Drive and for 12 miles turn on 41st and go back to my house, or for 14 miles go further up University Drive before turning back. I'd plan to run approximately 7:30 miles. Call/Email/comment if interested. Thanks. Eileen


alyssa said...

Hey Eileen - I think Mel and I are doing 13 on Friday evening, about a 7:30 pace could (hopefully) be done too if you want to join us.

Eileen said...

Thanks for the offer, but Saturday works best for me this week.