Monday, January 11, 2010

The Flying Porpoise

Don't be a boxblock, just read this post!

WDW Half Marathon: Dr. J thought "oh I'll go down to this sweet race and run in the warmth of Orlando, FL, and run under 1:30". Well, she accomplished one goal - ran 1:28:42 and took 15th place! 2min PR for Dr. J. Unfortunately it was 30 degrees there. Yikes.

Fred Lebow Classic 5M: My brother Kevin turned 25 Sunday so to celebrate he ran a 5 mile PR on Saturday (36:54) in the cold, cold, cold park of Centralness in NYC.

North Harford Loop 10k: Meg McNew was back in action, running with her dad. 7th place F, 58:41.

Harold Chapson 8k: Hawaiian Ryan took 3rd here in 29:06, finding out how hard the transition from 5k to 8k is when you took a few weeks light during the holidays!

Purple Drink Athlete of the Week: After careful consideration, I think having to run a half marathon PR in 30 degrees when you think it should be warmer is really hard! I hope it's not that cold in Miami at the end of the month. Congrats DR. J.

There are TONS of workouts going on this week, contact me or Brennan if you want to get in on any from the email that I sent out today. Read the email if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Also we are going to celebrate White Trash Heritage Month this year. We are thinking about July, as it seems fitting. Put it on your calendars. There will be events. Such as the Arnold Schwarzenegger-Hulk Hogan Fitness Competition Decathlon.


scotty doesn't know said...

aw man - i was really hoping that the "arnold-hulk fitness competition decathlon" was gonna be a sweet link

oh well - count me in!

Funnyrunner said...

Congrats, Dr. J. I, too, was down in Orlando running the full Disney marathon after a company sales meeting there last week. It was colder there than it had been in MA last October.

RM said...

Julie I didn't know you were down there!

Now I'll have to look up the results and add you to the spreadsheet.

Alex said...

Why does the poll about the majumdars not include D'# (Dee-Ampersand) ?