Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Ass-Man Cometh!


Ben Ingram had a plan and executed it out there on the Appalachian Trail today. He knew exactly what he wanted to do and when he wanted to do it. So when he came out of the first 15 mile trail section behind 4 women, he played it cool. He saw Brennan, Arjun and Melissa and let them know it was time to get moving. And moving he did. He systematically picked the race apart and dispatched runner after runner, eventually moving into the top 20 and then 11th. He was rolling now, and knowing the course fairly well, he rocked the last couple of miles. His final 36 miles were run in 4 hours. SICK. He finished in 8th overall in a new TWSS record of 6:21:45. Booyah.

Claire Lears was also taking part in her first ultra marathon; after a move and a few months of difficult trail and altitude running she hoped for the best. The squad was out there supporting her and watched her as she finished in 10:23:33. Boom.

Pete Mulligan fell twice in the early stages of this race, and between miles 21 and 38 had a bloody nose as a result. He looked like he participated in a secret underground fighting society not known as Fight Club (sshhh!). In the end he ran a 21 minute PERSONAL BEST in 10:33:46 for 506th place overall. Great job Pete!

Molly Hyde had a great debut ultra as well, rolling to an 8:07/14th place Female finish. Awesome job Molly!

Alyssa Godesky wasn't far behind Ben after the trail section, but around 27 miles she just knew it wasn't going to be her day and wisely stopped. While it pains every athlete to have to drop from a race, having just competed in the Half Ironman World Championships LAST weekend, she just wasn't recovered yet. None of us would have been bold enough to even attempt!

Great job everyone, heard the weather was pretty dece. Things are shaping up for a good day tomorrow in Tempe. Air temps are chilly in the morning and the water is SUPER cold. The sun is obviously quite strong and while the temp hovers around high 70s during the day, it feels a little warmer. It's a great venue for the event, and we even walked right past Ironman champ Chris McCormack (who went relatively unnoticed). Fingers crossed for a great day for Z tomorrow, you can follow live online at We're two hours behind so we start at 9am for y'all. By the later part of the day it starts to cool down and get a little breeze going.


Collin said...

Great job everyone. By the way, Ryan, Greg Crowther is far from unknown. He's a low 2:20s marathoner, the 2007 50km USA champion, and he ran in the 5:30s at the Sunmart 50 mile (RIP), which had a similar course to Rocky Raccoon 50, where I believe no-one has ever broken 6 hours.

alyssa said...

haha, yeah but collin the point is did you KNOW him or did you put his name in google and see that he's legit. It's not like Greg C. has gone to any huge ultras, especially super recently, and won!

Ben said...

i love how we have a string of comments about something that's not even in the post : )
thanks to arjun, melissa, and brennan for giving me a lot of energy out there! And alyssa thanks for all of your practical advice - i definitly wouldn't have done as well without your help and inspiration!
I feel lucky to be a part of this group - you guys rock!

RM said...

I changed my comment because other people read our blog now.

Ben great job that was totally awesome!

Collin said...

No, I knew who he was. I athlinksed him to be sure of his times, but I tend to follow the championship events, so I knew of him.

alyssa said...

athlinksed == doing him in the butt.

RM said...


I'm going to athlinks all of you