Sunday, November 22, 2009


Zero swam, biked and ran one of the smartest races of all time and his results reflected it:

1:02:49 swim

5:41:43 bike

3:30:42 run

10:22:58, 28th in his age group and 226th overall!

Unbelievable. Swim was cold, felt long and 2500 people starting at once is insane. Bike had some wind. Run was warm but not overly hot, but the sun is strong here. We were super pumped to see him do so well, and he's not even feeling that bad right now.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia...

Mary Bertram finished 3rd overall in the insane time of 2:49:35. Jackie Truncellito, who just ran insane at Baltimore, took 10 minutes off her time and finished 10th in 2:58:30. Amazing girls!

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