Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nutrition Questions

I would like to write more nutrition articles for local publications (Baltimore Women's Classic Newsletter, Fed Hill Runners Newsletter, Under Armour Newsletter, Flotrack, etc.) but I need you alls help to feed me questions or article topics. It's a win-win situation because you get your answer and I get my article. Thanks!!


Ben said...

very cool melissa - great idea! Here are some of my thoughts: race week nutrition, race day nutrition, post-workout nutrition, iron deficiency, pairing protein with carbs.

scotty doesn't know said...

a few more topics...

are endurance athletes placing too much emphasis on eating protein? have we gone from a overly-carb-based diet to now an overly-protein-centered diet? lost the balance again?

problems with too much fiber in the meal before a race

further study on the benefits of caffeine before a race

the study on massive amounts of lucky charms consumption before a workout - followed by 3 dunkin donuts afterward - and its effect on hyperactivity

Eileen said...

Is there a training benefit to not eating/drinking on long runs (1.5 hours or more) or eating/drinking at very minimal levels, or is it pointless/possibly detrimental to training to take that approach?

In a cooking magazine, I recently read that orange juice that has been opened loses all its antioxidant benefits in just a week. How concerned should I be about the speed at which my food may be losing nutritional value?

If I want to try to avoid getting sick during the cold/flu season by keeping my immune system strong, is there anything in particular that I should eat?

I'm also interested in the influence of caffeine on performance.

TurtleHead said...

Optimum carb loading strategies that don't result in 4x5min pitstops during a long run/race (50K or marathon).

My experience hasn't been very good. Pasta at 10pm = 4x5min. Pasta at 7pm, 1x5min. I'm starting to think no pasta night before would work best.

Also, humans have been distance running for thousands of years. What did they use on long runs before Gu? Nuts? Berries? It would be kinda interesting to try something that didn't taste like chemicals. I don't know if that is a nutrition question, but it might make a fun article. And I bet it might draw a lot of traffic if you use the right key-words.

De said...

what are the effects of dairy products on training and racing?

cheese said...

what's the significance of peeing blood?