Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two Days Late, a Buck Short

After a long couple days in ChiTown and Louisville, I'm finally getting around to doing this portion of the weekly results wrapup.

FIRST, take a look at the post below this one from Zero. He has a 20 mile run on tap for TONIGHT and would probably enjoy some company. If you want to meet up with him, holler at him.

SECOND, awesome job to everyone who came out to the workout last night. Really great workout, one of the hardest ones you can do. The weather was perfect for it at least. From here on out we start doing shorter stuff, more turnover related. If you need longer intervals you should probably be getting them from tempo runs/long runs, or other means. Track will now be turnover time, save maybe one workout left.

Celebrate Your Style 5k - Jake and Dr. J swept up the men's and women's titles (and $100) for running this tiny race. Always good to remind people that if you want to win something you've got to work for it. Never assume you can just win a race!

Cascade Crest 100 - our resident ultra dudes, Collin and Dave P, headed out to do this race in the Pacific Northwest. Unfazed by the threat of running into Bigfoot (or more appropriately, his dick) these two harriers ran together at a baller pace for 74 miles. Then the wheels came off. Dave sprained his ankle or something and fell off pace a little, but still finished 25th at 24h45m. Collin had a few more troubles, and wound up spending quite a bit of time laying on the ground at aid stations. But he finished, and did it in 26h55m.

Chicago Triathlon - It was funny that this race was going on the same weekend a few of us were IN Chicago. I signed up for this race last year on the premise that I was going to go with Ryan Schmidt, but when he bailed, so too did I. I just didn't want to go by myself. This year I had no plans to do it, but Spider did. Back in the day he was a winner here, and more than a decade later, showed he still had the forms to come close. He finished 3rd in the International Amateur Division in 2:04:47 or something, with the 6th fastest run of the day (34:11). GRCer Matias Palavecino won the International Elite Amateur Division in 1:56.

Annapolis 10 Miler - This is the biggest race around this time of year, but it's also not very fun. Normally it's a billion degrees or super humid and times are real slow. Well, not the case this year. The winning time was under 50, which is awesome, and Matty Blaze ran 56:31 for 7th. Nina took 5th for the ladaaaays in 1:07:23 and Meg McNew was 15th at 1:09:48.

5k in La Crosse, WI - Now, I'm not sure which one she did, the French Island Lions Club 5k or the Central HS Alumni 5k, but Julia apparently won the overall title (men and women!) in 17:05.8 which is just 0.2 seconds off her all-time track PR! Quite amazing. She is clearly in bangin' shape for this fall.

Ironman Louisville - Brennan and I were fortunate enough to be on hand for this one. If you've never been to a triathlon, you need to see an Ironman. Talk about tough. We were at mile 90 of the bike course and then followed the entire marathon on our bikes and it was just amazing to watch these athletes. All different sizes and abilities, and you wouldn't even think some of them could walk let alone swim, bike and run. Alyssa did pretty awes, finishing 7th in her age group in 11h51m, hitting most of her pre-race objectives AND doing it with a slow leak in her tire the entire race. She had to stop no fewer than 3 times to fill it back up. And Scott Boylan, who ran with us during the winter at Fed Hill once or twice, raced to an 11h36m and 4th place AG finish (55-59) which earned him a slot to Kona! Great job.

Purple Drink Athlete of the Week - there were tons of great performances this week, with the tying essentially of a 5k PR, two 100 mile finishers, and a Kona slot, but like I said when Barf did his first tri: until you've done one, you haven't done one. Alyssa, by virtue of swimming 2.4 miles, riding 112 miles and running 26.2 miles and hearing "Alyssa Godesky, you are an Ironman" for the first time, you earned it this week.


gladfelter said...

Alys, awes job. And you probably swam 2.4 miles faster in a river than my 1/2 mile swim in a pond.

RM said...

Well it took Alyssa 1h23m.

At your pace, Joel, that same distance would have taken 2h35m.

And that's assuming you can swim that far on your back without using your arms, just your legs.

Jen said...

Ryan- you forgot to add your own birthday to the list.

Collin said...

I'm pretty sure I'm never doing CCC100 again. It was soooooo bad. Around mile 80, I actually thought I might die and I started to mentally lose it so badly that I seriously had no clue what was going on for a good chunk of it near the end. I still somehow don't believe that I actually finished. haha...

Ben said...

ryan - did your birthday get cancelled this year too? man, you are having a rough 2009.

gladfelter said...

Nice work finishing the 100miler. And beter work posting something short.

RM said...

Ben and Jen:

Since I am applying for medical redshirt, there will be no recognition or formal acknowledgement of the passing of birth this year. I am hoping to be able to compete next year at the same age as I am this year.

Also I'll be on crutches for it.