Thursday, September 3, 2009

20 miler this sunday


Anyone up for joining me for an awesome 20 mile run this Sunday up at NCR? It's not supposed to be THAT hot, so I was thinking of starting the run around 8:30/9am, with the pace starting ~7:30/mi for the first few, stepping up to ~7:15 for the middle miles, and maybe picking up to ~6:45-7:00 with 5 or so miles to go. We'd start at Ashland, and grab water out and back at Monkton.

Hit me up here if you're interested.


Pete Mulligan said...

FYI...The Charm City Run 20 miler is Sunday morning. Beginning up north at Freeland and finishing at Ashland Road shopping center. They will probably have 200+ people in this the trail might be crowded.

RM said...

Just jump in the race - it'll be supported and you could do well by accident!