Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Osprey Sprint Tri Adventure!

So...world's most ill prepared entry-level triathlete here asking for some help :)

Is anyone planning on doing the Osprey Sprint Tri on Saturday, Oct 3rd?

I was hoping to but am in need of the following in order to actually do this...

1) A wetsuit.
2) A human to accompany me. Come on, it'll be fun!
3) A human with a car. (*mine will not be available for this trip)-gas is covered.

Obviously the car part is pretty imperative seeing as that would be how I get there and I am not yet able to teleport.

I plan on leaving Friday afternoon at some point and returning Saturday after the race (9AM start time)

Anyone up for the adventure? Does this sound like a plea for friendship? I'm a dud.


RM said...

Dr. J - if you can connect with Barf you're welcome to use my wetsuit that is currently in his possession. It should probably fit.

If not, don't sweat it - water's pretty warm out there right now and it's a short swim. You wouldn't die without one, and you wouldn't be the only one without one.

gladfelter said...

Miss DJ, yeah, I have the wetsuit and can get it to you.

Rebs said...

I know all of you have been losing sleep over this but I have found someone to accompany me! Do you really think I don't NEED a wetsuit? Plus I bet it takes a billion years to take it off at transition. at least for me Im sure...